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The region around the city

exploring the city<>region connection

André Boeing – March, 14th 2024

In the region surrounding our city, nestled in a tiny forest village of around 700 inhabitants and surrounded by hundreds of thousands of trees, I found my focus for the past few weeks. The area is filled with trees, large forests, streams, and open fields for cultivating a variety of foods, including an open village garden where anyone can grow and take food for free. Despite the absence of shops and delivery services, we have high-speed internet and an hourly public transport connection available on demand.

I was able to work on my government project, which, at this stage, involved extensive research and prototype sketching and could be done remotely. I deeply enjoyed the village’s silence, marked by a single ‚main street‘ that ends at a vast forest. The otherworldly sounds of creeks, enriched by the rainy season, were mesmerizing. I appreciated the slow pace of life and the conscious preparation of meals with ingredients grown locally and purchased from the nearest small town’s organic market—a hub for local farmers. From baking bread to making the most out of minimal ingredients and experimenting with healthy, tasty spices, each activity was a delight. Taking walks through the woods and bathing in the forest added to the richness of the experience, as did breathing the clean, fresh air.

I spent the first two months of my Ktopia experience in the city, and the third month in this region. Since December, Ktopia’s vision has been focused on the city-region connection—not only in terms of food systems but also the subtle environments that deeply nurture us and support our salutogenesis.