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The first 15-day sprint and three magic tools for the eXPedition

January 25th 2024 – André Boeing

A magic journal to document the expedition in an artistic way and even spoken word. A Game Map to not get lost in the wide fields of the city region food systems. Magic Quest cards to keep the Focus & Fun. And a 0€ Shop, where everything is gifted for free. Those were the Three Gifts of the first agile 15day sprint into an urban expedition.

To be honest. I am super happy and super exhausted at once. Agile sprints have this beautiful rush of fast, unrestricted creativity. The liberty of Playfulness and even foolishness. And…the very long days and night hours and not caring enough for the body.

All the digital tools are now there to document the Journey in realtime while it happens and share helpful stuff. Nothing worse then caught up documentation after months in a project. + the public transparency factor is granted.

Anyway. Development Sprint I. is done and I am so ready to go into the exciting Contact Phase next week….meeting people, groups, organizations, the many actors in our city region food system. But before that…I order my  self a full 3 day weekend of to re-generate.

See you next week with new adventures….

André „Cyberhippie“ Boeing,
Druid of the Urban Grove Ivy Oak in Kassel